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Here are e-mail updates from the RIC and ODHA which have information about ways and means of refereeing.

Officials please be advised that the OMS system will be clearing out all of the data at the end of April from this past hockey season.  Once this is done your information will still be available to you but you will have to do the following: This information is from the site designer and will ensure that you are probably registered again for September.

For referees to register that were users last season all they need to do is go to register, and login with last year’s password, this will restore them into the system including all relevant information and rankings (the purpose of this feature is to eliminate referees that are not returning and give the returning referees an opportunity to update their information if required)

As mentioned this information and data back up will be done near the end of April so you should be able to login after that and change any information.  Please ensure that you do not forget your login and password as I do not have access to this information.

I will be sending update throughout the summer regarding the 2008 referee season.

Enjoy the summer.

Mike Spencer
District 1 RIC
With 1:20 remaining in the third period, two players, one from each team, are assessed coincidental minor penalties. They are sent to their respective dressing rooms without incident. With 3 seconds left in the game, a fight breaks out on the ice and one of the players that left with 1:20 remaining comes back on the ice and gets involved in the fight. He is identified as being the first player to come on the ice.

The referee will assess him:
Rule 70, Situation 17 (2)
Need to clarify the procedures for GRI for A/AA hockey

Officials there has been many emails flying around about what copies to take when a GIR is required. Until further notice I have been advised that this will be the procedures to follow to complet a GRI.

1. the referee will take the yellow copy if readable;
2. Complete the online GRI report within 24 hr of the game;
3. Call and report the infraction to our District 1 Chair Barb Levere at local 613-543-4486;
4. No need to get an envelop from the teams as the referee will keep the yellow copy for his records, in case of an applea.

Thank You for your support

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